ROV Services

Semper’s Seaeye Falcon Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is one of the most lightweight and portable work class ROVs available. Boasting a proven industry track record for reliability, the Seaeye Falcon ROV is a capable tool for subsea inspection, object manipulation, or tooling whether it is inshore, offshore, or inside a tank.

Our Falcon ROV has been used over the past five years in multiple inspection, tooling, and recovery operations in the New England area. With various payload systems including a 5 degree of freedom manipulator skid, cathodic protection probe, rotating wire brush, acoustic tracking system, and high pressure washing wand, our falcon is capable of servicing many marine jobs for a fraction of a price!

Our veteran staff of ROV operators and technicians can provide safe and effective solutions for all ROV operations to ensure that the jobs are executed in a professional and tactic manner.

Vehicle Features Include:

  • Auto heading and depth
  • 5 Function Manipulator Skid
  • Imagenex digital multi-frequency imaging sonar
  • Cathodic Protection (CP) probe
  • LinkQuest Track Link 1500 Acoustic Tracking System (USBL)
  • Konsberg high-resolution color camera on a 180° tilt platform
  • Cleaning Brush Attachment