Emily Anne Ship Salvage

The tugboat Emily Ann sank outside Boston Harbor and keeled over before resting on the seafloor upside down (all hands were recovered safely). After searching for the wreck with both our AUV and ROV, Semper successfully recovered the sunken tug.

Boston Redevolpment Authority Water Shuttle Relocation

Semper Diving & Marine worked with the Boston Redevelopment Authority to relocate a water taxi pier within the Charlestown Navy Yard in Charlestown, MA.

BSWC Dive Services Contract

Semper Diving and Marine won Boston Water and Sewer Commission’s Diving contract to be the BWSC’s sole provider of dive services. Since the inception of the contract, Semper has provided inspection services to a variety of locations in the Greater Boston area and Boston Harbor as well.

Maritime Gloucester Marine Repairs

Semper personnel worked on various forms of inspection and repair along the renovations at the Maritime Gloucester pier and Coast Guard station in Gloucester, MA.

Neptune LNG Buoy Servicing

Semper Diving & Marine has been the lead service provider of the Neptune Deepwater Liquid Natural Gas Pipeline located in 270 feet of water 20 miles East of Boston in Massachusetts Bay. Semper has provided dozens of visual and acoustic inspections through both ROV and AUV robotics as well as our divers. Repairs to the pipeline include pressure washing by both ROV and divers, sacrificial anode replacement, concrete articulated mat replacement, and more.

Longfellow Bridge Grout Repair

Semper Dive & Marine divers and pile drivers worked upon one of Boston’s largest bridges spanning the Charles River. Work included pressure washing and repairing the grout and granite along the structure of the bridge both above and below the waterline.

Hixbridge Road Pile Restoration

The Hixbridge Road Bridge pile repair project was undertaken in the summer and fall of 2017 in Westport, MA. The project included grout removal and cleaning on the bridge’s concrete piles in addition to grout pouring and steel pile jacket installation.