Embridge / Connecticut Pipeline

Need: For this project Semper Diving and Marine’s team of Divers assisted our client in performing pipeline remediation to a previously installed Natural Gas Line. Semper was contracted to inspect the exposed pipeline and all components for defects and remediate the exposed portion of pipeline to prevent future damage & scour.

Outcome: Semper mobilized portable sectional barges that were constructed on site as well as a constructed a temporary loading area for marine access where the barges were launched and constructed as well as loaded from. For the submerged pipeline inspection our trained divers used Non-Destructive and Visual Inspection methods to assess the condition of the Pipeline and it’s coating. After completing the inspection and assessment portion of the project, our divers installed a multi-layered rock shield over portions of the pipeline where exposed or scoured. Our team of divers and workers were able to create an efficient and effective working arrangement with limited marine access, nearby proximity to Dams, as well as within a protected Wildlife Observation Area. The project was completed within the timeframe required by the owner and with 0 incidents.